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App Mockup


Allow users to efficiently view and search through different products

Educate users on our different products and 

support them in finding the best gear for their 

skill set and climate

Showcase local snowboarding communities and help spread Burton’s mission and lifestyle

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Burton was the first snowboarding brand to launch an online rental program, an online blog, and a community page to unite snowboarding communities. These are very unique features for a brand like Burton, but don't get a lot of traction as they are located down in the footer. 

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 7.24.23 PM.png


Burton mobile app to help users more efficiently utilize the online gear rental program, assists in selecting the right products and gear, and embraces and encourages snowboarding communities and athletes. 




Loves to snowboard and always pushing the boundaries to try new tricks and hills. Doesn’t care a lot about gear as long as they’re boarding


Expert snowboarder who always has top notch apparel and equipment and 

consistently boards


Highly skilled snowboarder who doesn’t buy new gear often but loves the snowboarding environment


New to snowboarding and eager to get into it. Wants high quality gear, but doesn’t know what’s best for them






Skill Level

User Types

Comparing potential user types based off different levels of snowboarders, specifically, their skill level and boldness to try new things to understand potential app development

The Expert


Safety Family Health


Safely hit the slopes with his family.

Purchase new gear for his kids and wife.

Try to physical improve while keeping his health in mind.


Safely snowboard with his wife and kids.

Purchase the correct gear for his family.

Keeping his family’s snowboarding gear organized.


Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.21.06 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.21.06 AM.png

The Beginner


Safety Growth Courage


Confidently get down the slopes

Stay open to trying new tricks and skills

Try to physical improve and see personal growth


Knowing which gear is best for her

"Sifting through hundreds of snowboarding products can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know what to trust and buy"


User Map

Analyzing users emotions and pain points to discover their needs and goals for the app. Interviews and surveys were used to collect and make data driven goals and jobs to be done.

Sara's Journey

Looked deeper into Sara’s journey of trying to shop for new snowboarding gear as a beginner who doesn’t know what she is looking for

New Insights
Pain Points
Custom function to sort and
picks gear for user
Option to chat with experts to help pick apparel and equipment
Starts researching on what gear would be best for a beginner      snowboarder in her location
Overwhelmed by the amount of gear on the market, doesn’t know what’s right for her
Often results in frustrations          because she doesn’t know what is right for her
“I wish there was a resource where I could look at different categories of gear and easily find what’s best for me”
She looked through multiple websites to try and find the best brands and gear for her skill level and climate
Hard to shop Online, not sure what will fit, and how the gear will workout
Hard to trust that the gear will work for her when shopping and buying Online
“Could have a customizable option for gear. I put in my height, weight, and sizes and get suggestions"
Bought new Burton gear, super exciting to try it out, and hopeful that it will work out
Hit the slopes with her new snowboarding gear
Hopeful that the gear will workout, worried she maybe picked out the wrong things
Thinks the gear is a good fit, not sure if there is something that may have been better
Frustrated because there wasn’t a lot of help when shopping for snowboarding gear Online
“Would be nice if there was an option to chat with a worker to get insight on what would be best for her”
There may be gear out there that better fits her skill level and makes snowboarding easier
“Wish there was more resources out there to help new ski and snowboarders know which gear is best for them”
Need a way to sift through products and gear
Users need a way to know which products are best for them

User needs a way to ensure 

buying gear Online is trustworthy

Product Benchmarking

Compare many apps across different categories and criteria to understand opportunities within the current market

Bixel Map

Created a biaxel map to visualize the current market and compare which apps are the most efficient and informative in finding the correct products quickly 

Opportunity Space







Analyzing the Research

After analyzing my research I took into account my different findings, user and market insights, and different design objectives to determine my design criteria

How might we create a user-friendly app that allows users to quickly and enjoyable view different Burton products and snowboarding gear

How might we create a Burton app that informs and assists users in picking out the correct gear for their skill set and environment to save themselves time and energy

How might we create a Burton app that personalizes every users experience and embraces and encourages snowboarding communities and athletes


Created a mood board to start a color scheme and further develop my design language for the Burton app



Created a site map to organize the layout of the app to optimize the user experience of the app through intuitive navigation and clear interfaces.

Lo-Fi Ideation

After sketching wire-frames, I began to digitize them in Figma based on my how might we statements and design criteria that I created earlier in the process. Wire frames are organized into categories based on purposes. 

High Fidelity


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